Abraham Lincoln: A Leader of Honor

"I am decided; my course is fixed; my path is blazed. The Union and the Constitution shall be preserved and the laws enforced at every and at all hazards. I expect the people to sustain me. They have never yet forsaken any true man." --Abraham Lincoln


Purpose of this Website

This website is dedicated to free educational information on our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. A leader of honor.

America today is in need of honorable leadership, in both the public and private sector. We believe Lincoln to be an excellent example of a leader that everyone can respect. In addition to general information on Lincoln, this website provides quotes from him on various subjects of interest and interpretive essays/articles about Lincoln by the Web Author.

You will also find a timeline of Lincoln's life, images of Lincoln, friends, and family, and links to other great sites that provide additional information about Lincoln.


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At this Website:

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Timeline of Lincoln's Life
Lincoln Images
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Lesson Plan for Study of Abraham Lincoln Grades 9-12
Article on Lincoln's Skill as a Transformational Leader by Web Author
Article on Lincoln's Honesty by Web Author


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